The DLM Coffee Bar

By: Calvin Mayne | VP of Food
On: September 29, 2014

One of life’s simple pleasures on a crisp fall morning is a good cup of coffee. We are excited to now operate our in-store DLM Coffee Bars, under the leadership of Jennifer Dahm. We are also happy to continue featuring coffee roasted locally by Boston Stoker. We’ve had a great relationship with Don Dean and family, owners of Boston Stoker, for decades.

The Deans have a passion for coffee: carefully sourcing beans, roasting in small batches, and paying attention to freshness, flavor, and nuance. Henry Dean, who now heads up the company, is very much a third wave coffee guy. “Third wave” was a term coined in 2008 by food critic Jonathan Gold of the LA Weekly, who said in part: “The first wave of American coffee culture was probably the 19th-century surge that put Folgers on every table, and the second was the proliferation…of espresso drinks and regionally labeled coffee. We are now in the third wave of coffee connoisseurship, where beans are sourced from farms instead of countries, roasting is about bringing out rather than incinerating the unique characteristics of each bean, and the flavor is clean and hard and pure.”

If you’re into these things like me, that’s music to your ears. But what about Wayne? Wayne Chrisman is one of the rocks of Dorothy Lane Market, who began here in 1960, managed stores for many years, and now works part-time in the Meat department at Washington Square. We now have second and third generation Chrismans in management at DLM. I had the privilege of traveling with Wayne and others in Europe a few years back. Wayne loves coffee. However, while most of us merrily sipped cappuccino in Tuscany or café au lait in Paris, Wayne would shake his head and say with some resignation, “I just want a cup of coffee.”

Wayne, dear friend, we have you covered. No matter which of the three “waves” you’re on, we will have good coffee for you: rock-solid smooth, everyday blend for first-wave coffee drinkers like Wayne; great cappuccino, flavored lattes, and other espresso-based drinks for second-wave folks; and funky, “am I picking up nuances of citrus?” single origin light roasts for the third-wavers. Love coffee? Come on in!