Killer Brownie®

By: Jennifer Clark | Coffee Bar Director
On: July 01, 2014

In 1987, our CEO Norman brought a brownie home in a plain brown paper bag. As he placed the mystery bag on the kitchen counter, his family, used to all sorts of samples of different food from around the world coming home with him, circled around to find out what was to be unveiled today. He gently unrolled the package and presented a brownie covered in piles of powdered sugar. Using superlatives as he often does, Norman proclaimed “this is our new Killer Brownie.®" Thinking that her dad was describing the deliciousness of the brownie, his daughter Chimene, then a teenager, was the first to dive in to try it. (Chimene now works on the wholesale side of the Killer Brownie® business.) Little did she know that first taste was not only a way of describing the brownie, but the name of what would come to be a signature item for DLM in years to come.

Dorothy Lane Market and Killer Brownie® are often spoken in the same sentence, and not just locally. Ever since we launched our “little” brownie (a single square weighs close to 1/3 of a pound), it has been famous ever since, so much so that we were compelled to trademark the name on April 5, 1988. We started small, making the Original flavor at our Oakwood store and promoting them in the store and in our Box Lunch program. Before long we came up with three new flavors, and today have ten different varieties of the Killer Brownie®, even one for folks who (gasp) don’t enjoy chocolate—the Blonde Ambition. We now have a full-scale production facility staffed by the handsome folks you see pictured above. A number of years ago some of our grocery colleagues expressed interest in selling the brownie in their cities. As a result, Killer Brownie® now can be found in other fine retailers from Toronto to San Francisco and Minneapolis to New Orleans.

It’s hard to believe that it has been 26 years since Killer Brownie® was born. We are celebrating all these years of our beloved Killer Brownie® by launching a new look, as well as a new flavor: PB&J — where peanut butter meets strawberry jam…stop in and try a sample!

We sell our Killer Brownie® in our Bakeries several ways including in gift tins, on party trays, and of course individually, to satisfy your immediate craving! Be sure also to visit to ship Killer Brownie® anywhere in the continental U.S.