Harvey Eicher

By: Dennis Chrisman | Vice President of Human Resources, Produce Director
On: July 01, 2014

We listened quietly, drinking our fresh coffee heated from a wooden stove in the middle of the living room, as Harvey Eicher's five beautiful grandchildren smiled and sang songs to us, something we will never forget. We then loaded up in our SUV and went into town where we had the privilege to meet and thank 20 Amish farmers who Harvey helps coordinate to get their fresh produce to DLM. They work hard with hands and horses to receive what Mother Earth can give. However, don’t be misled; they spend countless hours through the winter months educating themselves with regular visits from the local university agricultural department with growing tips and they have a strict concern for safe farming. Harvey is a true blessing to DLM and our quest to bring you fresh, safe, and Love Local produce during the hot summer months. If you ever wonder how DLM gets those beautiful local tomatoes so perfect, it’s thanks to Harvey and his friends.

Click here to watch a quick video with Dennis Chrisman, our VP of Produce, explaining what makes local tomatoes flavorful!