Celebrating Cheddar

By: Todd Templin | VP of Beer, Wine, and The DLM Cheese Shop
On: May 31, 2014

Cheddar cheese is a popular cheese that originated in the village of Cheddar in the Somerset region of England. It’s a firm, cow’s milk cheese that ranges in flavor from mild to sharp, and in color from its natural white to a pumpkin orange (orange-colored Cheddars are colored with a natural dye called annatto.) While the name is often used ubiquously and often, we are very proud of the movement in the States for great Cheddar that is perfect in a variety of dishes, sandwiches, and cheese plates.

Cottonwood River Cheddar

Made from raw milk and aged for 8 months, this cheese has a full flavor, with a slightly sweet note and almost citrus flavor. Yummy!

Tillamook Cheddar

A mild and creamy-textured Cheddar that is quite popular and hails from Tillamook, Oregon.

Widmer’s 4 Year Aged Cheddar

Rich, nutty flavor becomes increasingly sharp with age. Smooth, firm texture becomes more granular and crumbly and is awesome on a cheese plate. Our friend Joe Widmer is an amazing cheesemaker.

Grafton Vermont Cheddar

All-natural, full-flavored Cheddar that’s great for snacking or melting over burgers.