Laura's Cookies

By: Jennifer Clark | Coffee Bar Director
On: May 31, 2014

Most of my conversations regarding Laura's Cookies begin with the phrase, “yes, there is a Laura.” Our relationship with Laura began in May 2000 when she heard from a friend that Bakery Director Scott Fox was looking for new and unique products for the DLM Bakeries. Laura, a former hospital administrator, had a recipe for cookies that everyone who tasted them loved. She was always the one asked to “bring those cookies to the potluck”, or “can I have some of your cookies for my birthday?”

Her cookie always brought smiles to the faces of the people who consumed them, and for that reason she decided to start “just a little cookie business.” Laura’s cookie is a soft sugar cookie with the most amazing icing with just a hint of almond flavor. She mixes and hand rolls the dough, and cuts, frosts, and decorates all of the cookies by hand. She gave Scott a call and brought a variety of seasonal shapes for every holiday to try. Scott opened the box, took one look at them and said, “those are gonna move.” He tried one and found they tasted as delicious as they were beautiful, and he knew we had something special. After showing them to a few others in the company, he called Laura and asked, “when can you start?”

With that, a wonderful partnership began. We agreed to allow her to use our facility to bake her product after our bakers were finished for the day, and Scott ordered an initial batch of 24 dozen for the then two DLMs. The Bakeries received the cookies on Friday and both were out of cookies by Monday. A repeat order was placed, and those cookies disappeared even faster than the first. We knew we had a hit on our hands! Laura soon realized that she would not be able to meet public demand, so she hired one person, and then utilized family and friends for holidays. When we opened the Springboro store, the volume of cookies doubled within one year, and she hired two more associates. During peak season, Laura’s Cookies runs with a crew of seven people, baking 40,000 cookies during just the month of December. Since May 2000, Laura and her crew have baked over two million cookies for DLM! Not bad for just wanting to start “a little cookie business.”