DLM Grass-Fed Beef

By: Jack Gridley | VP of Meat & Seafood
On: May 31, 2014

The season for local pasture-raised meats has begun. We are particularly excited about DLM Grass-Fed Beef. These cattle were born and raised in the Miami Valley on a diet of grass and hay. The lush spring grass enhances the flavor of the beef almost overnight, causing the omega-3 levels to surge even higher. Besides health benefits, grass-fed beef is better for the economy, the environment, the local farmers, and the animals. So as you pull out your grill, rest assured that you are making a good choice with grass-fed beef.

Reasons we love DLM Grass-Fed Beef:
Raised on Local Family Farms
Hormone and Antibiotic Free
Rich in Omega 3s and CLA

Click here to watch a quick video with Jack Gridley, our VP of Meat & Seafood, makes DLM Grass-Fed Beef so flavorful!