Handmade for You

By: Jennifer Clark | Coffee Bar Director
On: May 01, 2014

Have you ever purchased a bakery item and a cup of coffee through one of those drive-through coffee places? Ever stop to think while you are eating it where it came from? You don’t have to wonder about that here at DLM. We have a wonderful staff of folks located at our Central Bakery facility who bake the delectable treats you love. At what we call “Central” around here, the crew makes our coffeecakes, pound cakes, cake layers, icings, cream pies, and, well… you get the point! These items are not picked out by some buyers in a corporate office somewhere and shipped frozen across the country. These baked goods are made here at your local DLM, by hand, so that you and your family can enjoy the best possible quality. One of the greatest compliments I receive from our customers is when I hear someone say that they took one of our products to a gathering claiming that “Aunt Dorothy” made it.

Among the products that the Central Crew is baking up fresh for spring is our DLM Classic Key Lime Pie, available only during the spring and summer months. It’s made with Nellie and Joe’s Key West Key Lime Juice (real Key Lime juice from Key West, Florida), and comes complete with a whipped cream border — this is one of our most popular pies! I enjoy it best super cold from the freezer. Another popular item back with the warmer weather are our soft, pillowy Vera Jane’s Shortcakes. Made like you remember from your childhood, our shortcakes have just a hint of baking soda and buttermilk to perfectly marry the flavors of those delicate local strawberries, that will be coming in soon, with fresh whipped cream!

The cake layers that the crew at Central bakes are then given to our Cakes by DLM staff who carefully decorates them into beautiful cakes. They also offer two special cakes just for spring, the first being our Lemon Spring Fling Cake. Yellow cake is layered with English Thursday Cottage Lemon Filling, then iced with our signature buttercream kicked up with a hint of lemon flavor. The second, and most popular for Mother’s Day, is our Strawberry and Whipped Cream Cake. Soft, sweet white cake is torted with both chocolate ganache as well as strawberry fillings, then iced with real whipped cream and topped with a chocolate-covered strawberry.

Stop by and pick up some handmade-for-you treats from the DLM Bakery, and Happy Spring!