Good Springtime Eating and the People Behind It

By: Calvin Mayne | VP of Food
On: May 01, 2014

Oh my, was that a long winter. So today I'm on a strict juice fast. Thanks to a perfectly constructed 6-pack of cold-pressed juices from Garden of Flavor*, I’m doing a tidy one day “spring cleaning” for my body. They say that juicing clears the mind. I'm thinking very clearly at the moment…razor sharp, in fact. I’m focused on a DLM Grass-Fed Beef Burger from Jack’s Grill piled with sautéed mushrooms and onions on a soft bun from our Bakery.


Fasting or not, we think about food all the time here at DLM. With great intention, we source and make food that has great flavor and, serendipitously, is high in nutrition at the same time. Nature, time, and loving stewardship give us some of our best flavors. Speaking of nature, we have amazing soil here in Ohio, soil that is just now beginning its warm weather debut of gorgeous vegetables, such as delicate lettuces, aromatic herbs, and plump asparagus. Time translates to flavor in the DLM Bread Shop where we use slow, natural fermentation of the dough to make flavorful bread. Loving stewardship is practiced by our meat and seafood producers who refuse to use artificial hormones or antibiotics, and that translates to good marbling and flavor development. Similar care is shown everyday by the wonderful people here at DLM who produce so many great foods, be it our Turkey Curry Soup, DLM Cheese Spreads, or Naples-Style Pizza, to name a few of my favorites.


When you think about it, you realize that flavor-first derives from people-first. That beautiful local asparagus comes from our friend Jon Branstrator, a fifth-generation farmer. Jon is a naturalist, certified scuba diver, and extensive traveler. So it’s no surprise that he uses progressive methods of crop rotation to maintain a healthy ecosystem. Oh, and yes, his crops are always delicious! Not only do we look forward to his asparagus every year, but his strawberries are great and his blackberries are in a class by themselves.

Being situated in our area is a fine thing if you love chicken, and that’s thanks to Ed Hill. The man travels to Iceland and buys sweaters. He makes silver and turquoise jewelry. He also raises some of the best chicken we’ve ever had, just a few miles from here in his barnyard. Hill Family Farm chickens are found at the area’s top restaurants. Cook whole in the oven or cut in pieces and grill; it’s plain lip-smacking goodness!

Another reason we have great food at DLM is thanks to the Guanajuato-Dayton connection. Guanajuato is a region in Central Mexico where you find charming Spanish colonial architecture and unique flavors such as carnitas, tamales, and a famous stew called pozole. This is where the Cuellar family comes from, and we are blessed to work with several members of the family. Sabino Cuellar, the patriarch, is one of our artisan bread bakers. Watching him make bread at Washington Square, you see the pride he takes in every loaf, despite the difficulty in working with a traditional, and sometimes finicky, old hearth oven.

When we think about food, we are driven by flavor. More than that, our mission is to make you happy when you shop at DLM. Although we care about food, the good people who make it happen are way more important. That is a happy thought indeed.