Artisan Baguettes

By: Scott Fox | Bakery Director
On: March 31, 2014

Often when someone returns from France, you hear them wistfully speaking of the amazing baguettes they purchased and took home, wrapped in wax paper and tucked under their arm, from delicious boulangeries (bakeries). We are proud to say you can find one of the same quality right here in Dayton, Ohio! We love the aroma of our freshly baked, authentic DLM French Baguettes in the early morning. It is delicious served as a ham and Swiss sandwich or with Président Butter and DLM Oregon Strawberry Preserves. Bon appétit – no passport required!

Reasons we love Artisan Baguettes:

• Thin crust and soft interior

• Creamy wheat flavor

• Baked fresh daily

Click here to watch a quick video explaining more about DLM French Baguettes.