New! Better Dinner Deal Options

By: Chef Carrie Walters | Culinary Director
On: February 27, 2014

We are making it easier on everyone and expanding your choices on our popular Dinner Deals. Our kitchens are filled with all sorts of options for a fresh cooked meal of your picking! For $6, $8, or $10, you can customize your family’s tastes perfectly!

We actually do listen and heard from many of you that you want more choices. So we increased our variety of entrées, vegetables, and side dishes to choose from. You might find it hard to pick just three from our most popular favorites.

Come to your favorite DLM location and see how easy it is. Your choices will be colorfully marked to make picking quick and easy. Each individual dinner comes in its own 3-compartment, microwaveable plate. See how easy dinner can be?

Need dinner for two or for a family of four? Just grab a couple and you can customize to taste. Come in, say hi, and let us help you get dinner on the table tonight!