Naples-Style Pizza at DLM

By: Calvin Mayne | VP of Food
On: January 21, 2014

Pizza, of all things. Why did we get into the hot pizza business? Of foods topping the list of “saturation” in the American food market, pizza has to be near the top. Yet there it is, so why fight it? It’s no wonder we crave pizza with the way it engages the senses: the aroma wafts out of the oven; the bright contrasting colors of the browning crust, red sauce, and bubbling white cheese looks so good; the pie-shaped slice fits perfectly in the hand; and finally, that incredible flavor as you sink your teeth into the first bite…We love it!

For years we tossed around the idea of doing our own made-to-order hot pizza at DLM. Of course, there are great pizzas all over our country ranging from New York City pizza pie to deep dish pizza from Chicago. And in Dayton, we have our own great local pizza tradition. However, we thought, why not come up with something different, not yet seen in these parts? And so we looked to Italy’s most famous pizza town for inspiration: Naples.

To make it happen, we had to obtain the right ovens and we had to make the ingredients just so, especially the crust. To make the crust, we turned to our artisan bakers right here at DLM, who are experts at working with dough. We use a traditional Italian recipe that simply incorporates flour and water, with a pinch of yeast and salt. The flavor development of the dough is influenced not only by the ingredients, but by how we handle them. Even the temperature of the water is an important factor in making the dough, as is allowing slow, natural fermentation once the dough is formed.

Bordering on obsession with getting it right, we tested everything from sauce recipes, to types of cheese, to toppings. We even make our own mozzarella by hand here in our Cheese Shop.

The oven is key as well. We bought special Naples ovens, shaped like igloos inside and able to attain temperatures of 1,000 degrees. With the right dough, baking quickly and directly on the super-hot hearth gives the crust flavor and crunch on the outside with a light, airy, and chewy inside. And thanks to the quality of the dough, our crust has a savoriness and flavor that is rare to find in most other pizza.

Judging by comments we heard from other locals and those who have lived in Europe, we nailed it. We are proud to bring you this wonderful pizza! Order it for your next pizza party, or come in and have it for lunch or dinner. (For the most authentic Naples experience, order our Margherita which consists of red sauce, basil, and mozzarella). We think you will find it to be a new and wonderful pizza experience that will have your family and friends saying, “Mamma mia! Let’s have pizza from DLM!”

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*Currently available at Washington Square and Springboro locations.