Love Cakes By DLM

Wedding Showcase 2018 at DLM Springboro

Love Cakes By DLM

Our Wedding Showcase, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. February 25 at DLM Springboro, is truly unlike any other wedding event. Last year, we totally transformed our annual show so that it'd spotlight top themes and how everything can work together to make your special day all that you envision. From the wedding cake and food to the dress, table setting, and décor, it all can evoke an essence. Attendees raved about this approach saying it was like "Pinterest brought to life!"

We'll feature new themes this year with cakes created by our talented Love Cakes by Dorothy Lane Market designers, and other touches provided by Prime Time Party Rental and Louise Christine Bridal Boutique & Atelier. To top it off, all attendees will receive a 10% coupon to use on a Love Cakes by DLM wedding cake, flowers, and additional sweets. Here are the themes to look for at this year's show!

Timeless Romance

It's just so pretty and so elegant, says designer Nicol Yukon. Soft pinks and golds shine in this theme with white as an elegant backdrop. It's ornate, intricate, and all-around lovely.

Garden Chic

Designer Whitley Rohrig draws inspiration from wildflowers with her intricately hand-painted flowers, adding a whimsical touch to the traditional garden theme.

Luxe Metallics

The devil is in the detail with this dramatic extravagance. I'm going for the bling, says designer Sabrina Fiffe. I like creating things you can feel with your eyes.

Midnight Glam

Dark navy, burgundy, and the glitz of gold, Midnight Glam is sure to dazzle. I love how dark it is, yet elegant, says designer Katherine Dean.

Winter Wonderland

Designer Tiara Shackelford was inspired by those embracing winter weddings. Think snowy white with pops of color, reds, & silver.

Woodland Rustic

Designer Stacy Felumlee says that the woodland inspiration is a new twist to the rustic mainstay. Look for natural colors and earth elements, like moss and wood wraps.

Black Tie Affair

Nothing is more classy and elegant than this stunning combination of lace and gold. Designer Lee Ann Parsons draws the lace by hand and says that it showcases visually what DLM means to me.