Be Healthy

Celebrate Gluten Free 2017 Vendors

October 7 • Washington Square • 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Beeler's Pure Pork

Beeler's Pure Pork is family owned and operated. Their heritage bred Danish Duroc is known for its high marbling and great taste. All Beeler's meats are humanely raised and vegetarian fed with no added nitrates or nitrites except those occurring naturally in sea salt and celery seed. Their meats are naturally free of artificial ingredients, antibiotics, and growth promotants.

Bites of Nostalgia (Love Local)

Cakes by DLM and Bites of Nostalgia, a local company out of Bellbrook, work together to create delicious, beautiful treats for any special occasion. Cakes and cupcakes are available at any DLM location; 24-hour notice recommended. Biscotti are available at every DLM Coffee Bar, and include flavors like Ginger Spice which is dairy free!

Brazi Bites

In South America, Brazilian Cheese Bread is an obsession. Brazi Bites uses the perfect blend of the finest fresh ingredients like cheese, eggs, milk and tapioca flour, which is naturally G/F. Just 20 minutes in the oven and Brazi Bites are deliciously crispy on the outside while remaining fluffy on the inside-ready to be enjoyed hot! Featured on Shark Tank.

éban's Bakehouse (Love Local)

No gluten, no regrets. Just artisan bakers making the tastiest gluten-free products you'll ever eat! éban's Bakehouse is the creation of Eric Braddock and Adrienne Novak, both professional chefs with over forty years of combined experience who have embraced a mission to enable people with wheat and gluten allergies.

Made Without Grain (Love Local)

Formerly The Brown and Blond Bakery, the Dark Chocolate Brownies and Blondies are available as baking mixes. This allows for alterations when baking, like using an egg substitute, milk can be used instead of water, or butter instead of oil. At Celebrate 2016, samples will be made per the main package directions. Skeptics are shocked grain-free baked goods can actually have great taste AND texture.

Maui Mae’s Raw Chocolate (Love Local)

Hawaiian resident Anna Borchers moved back to Dayton from the Hawaiian Islands to be near family. Anna comes from a family of bakers and decided to stay home full time when her first child was born and her business was born. Her husband Bradley is the official taste tester and is a Chaminade Julienne graduate. She focuses on raw coconut chocolates and Hawaiian grown macadamia nuts. With 40x the antioxidants of blueberries, her soft and creamy fudge is made of raw cacao, organic virgin coconut oil, and agave nectar. So it’s actually good for you! The roasted Macadamia Nuts sprinkled with Sea Salt are the perfect sweet/salty combination!

Hannah’s Healthy Bakery

Hannah's passion to help others with dietary issues and those with food intolerances led her to develop her grain-free baking mix. It is made mostly with almond and coconut flours which are high in protein and fiber. This paleo mix is also free of gluten, grains, dairy, and sugar. It is much lower in carbs and is gluten, grains, dairy, and sugar free.

Tina's Sweet Treats Pies (Love Local)

Tina's Sweet Treats is a gluten-free bakery located in Franklin, Ohio. Owner Tina Wagner will be sampling and taking orders for her gluten-free holiday pies during our Celebrate Gluten Free event on October 7. Choose from Pumpkin, Pecan, Cherry Crumble, and Apple Crumble. All pies will be $20 and ready for your Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

Cucina & Amore Quinoa Meals

These delicious quinoa meals are ready to eat. Great for a quick lunch or snack on the go!

Lopaus Point (Love Local)

Located on the coast of Maine, Lopaus Point is where the love of food and sharing it with others was rooted in a young Stacie. Today, sharing that love with others through delicious waffles and baked treats is both Stacie's and Lopaus Point Bakery's mission. Their waffles are made with real, simple ingredients prepared in a dedicated G/F free facility.


Family owned and operated since 1933, Nueske's has added their bacon and genuine Wisconsin Cheddar cheese to their famous gluten-free pork and beef bratwurst to create the new addictive flavor, Bacon Cheddar Bratwurst. After all, who doesn't like bacon!

Purely Sweet Bakery (Love Local)

This local bakery is healthy as well as allergy friendly. They specialize in paleo, vegan, gluten-free, and organic raw baked goods with an emphasis on clean eating. Purely Sweet Bakery uses fresh ingredients and their products are free from preservatives.

Spice Paradise (Love Local)

Spice Paradise owners Ulrike and David Massey fulfilled a longtime dream of opening their own business in the Oregon District. Their vegan dry soup mixes are 100% natural and free of preservatives, artificial colors, and artificial flavors. Explore the world of natural flavors with soups like Vegetable Chili, Spring Vegetable, and Split Pea soups.

Terrapin Ridge Farms

Terrapin Ridge Farms has the unique skill of blending intense flavors, varied textures, and spicy/sweet combinations to create unexpected flavor adventures that become the next “gotta have” taste.

Robert Rothschild Farm (Love Local)

In the 1970s, Bob and Sara Rothschild moved to Mad River Valley determined to work the land. The result was a successful 170-acre farm growing more red raspberries than they could handle; inspiring their original recipes and unique flavor combinations. Over 30 years later, every product is still made from scratch, slowly cooked in each small batch to perfection. Robert Rothschild never settles for just good enough – only the insanely flavorful and truly exceptional is acceptable.

Florentine Legacy Sauces (Love Local)

Nick and Peter Penzone were proud owners of Florentine Restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, a fixture for 71 years and three generations of Penzones. After closing in December 2016, customers clamored for their signature sauce and Florentine Legacy was born. DLM is proud to offer their Marinara and Tomato and Cream Sauces, both which are gluten free. Be sure to stop by their table at Celebrate Gluten Free event and try a sample.

Vigilant Eats Organic Superfood Oat-Based Cereal

This individual-portion cereal is an alternative to fast food. Besides being organic, vegan, and gluten free, it is full of essential fatty acids. The spoon is included so you can add either milk or water and eat it either hot or cold.


Schär’s Gluten-Free Artisan Baker Breads have amazing taste and texture, crafted with sourdough, millet, buckwheat, quinoa, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, agave, and honey. Available in White, Multigrain, and 10 Grains & Seeds varieties.

Schär Honegrams are delicious crackers which are ideal for s’mores! Gluten free and made with real honey, pack these for your next outdoor adventure as they are perfect for a campfire treat!

These little single-serve, cocoa-covered Schn’ack cakes from Schär are filled with cream and dipped in German chocolate. Ideal for lunch boxes or to take on the go to enjoy with a cup of hot coffee!