Hot Trend in the Grocery Aisles

Great New Sauces

One hot trend in the grocery aisles these days is the development of exciting new cooking sauces inspired by cuisines from around the globe. They have two things in common: great flavor and convenience. Make good eats easy and pick up one of these great new sauces! - Calvin (VP of Food)

Salsaology: regional Mexican

When we met Lori Sandoval, the creator of Salsaology, we were impressed with her passion to make complex regional Mexican cuisine accessible. Her sauces are great for summer! For example, try these ideas:

Slather the Ancho Chile & Tamarind Sauce on grilled corn on the cob, and sprinkle with crumbled queso fresco. Pick up some of our great DLM flank steaks and marinate them in the smoky Tres Chiles & Mezcal Sauce before grilling, slather with more sauce afterwards, and slice ‛em up into tacos. Or pick up a Rotisserie Chicken from the Meat department, pick the meat off the bone, and combine with Chile Negro & Hibiscus Sauce.

Brooklyn Delhi: Indian relish

As I was saying, love of Indian flavors … The handsome couple of India-born chef Chitra Agrawal and husband Ben Garthus make some amazing “Achaar”, or Indian relish, in Brooklyn, and they personally attend to every batch of these amazing condiments. Choose from three varieties of Achaar, including Tomato, Roasted Garlic, and Rhubarb Ginger.

flavors of northern Africa

Created from the home recipes of a Moroccan woman named Gloria and her Montana husband Earl Fultz, these sauces highlight the tasty spices of Morocco, such as cumin, paprika, and cayenne. Try both cHarissa Mild and cHarissa Hot with lamb dishes, including burgers, as well as tossed with steamed carrots, potatoes, and other veggies.

One Culture Foods: Asian inspired

Young, hip, and smart, Hansen Shieh was raised in L.A., but learned good eating from his family’s Chinese heritage. He grew up learning the complexity of Chinese spices and cooking methods, and successfully re-created some of these flavors with American ingenuity, making them so convenient that anyone can make a meal with mind-blowing flavor.

Be sure to try all three as we sample them in the store this month: Spicy Tangy Funky Southeast Asia dipping sauce, Earthy Spicy Tingly cumin & Sichuan peppercorn sauce, and my favorite, Sweet Savory Spicy fermented black bean sauce.

Spicemode: classic Punjabi curry

Man, I do love Indian food. Whether it’s a curry, chutney, or pickle relish, I’m always in the mood for the flavors of India. Chef Amar Singh recreates the curries of your favorite Indian restaurant in a jar. Try them all, including Madras, Masala, and Vindaloo.

Red Duck Foods:
dialed up American classic

With good reason, ketchup is the king of American condiments. It is, after all, a brilliant modern invention that encapsulates the flavors we crave, all at once: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and savory.

Red Duck is the invention of three friends in Oregon, Jessica, Shannon, and Karen, who set about to reinvent ketchup as an assignment for graduate school. A daunting task, but we give them an A+! Check out their fun flavors of ketchup and barbeque sauces.