Best Brews of the Buckeye State

Ohio beer Favorites

While Ohio may not have received as much attention during the early micro beer growth of the 90s as other parts of the country, that’s changed dramatically the past several years. Nowadays, you’ll find great beers from breweries throughout Ohio—some even in our own backyard. From bottles to cans (which are really a preferred thing now) and IPAs to funky flavored stouts, Ohio has become home to a bevy of incredible brews and there’s something for each palate. We have also found that the purpose of beer has changed dramatically in that it’s often a perfect beverage to be paired with FOOD! See our brewery map detailing some of the local breweries and a few summer favorites.

Warped Wing Brewing Company

This amazing local brewery located on Wyandot Street in Dayton does such a great job of making creative brews found on draft and a great line-up of pint-size cans! Try Ermal’s Belgian Style Cream Ale (named for Ermal Fraze, local inventor), Self Starter Session IPA, and one of the best Pilsners made period … Brass Punk Pils!

Great Lakes Brewing Company

You won’t find a more passionate group of people than Patrick and Daniel Conway who helped start the Ohio microbrew scene when they founded Great Lakes Brewing in 1986! They feature a strong core group of beers year-round and extremely popular seasonal beers, such as their mega-popular Christmas Ale. A summer favorite from Cleveland’s storied brewery is the Lake Erie Monster Imperial India Pale Ale. It’s super full-bodied and oozing with American hops!


The Rhinegeist name translates to “ghost of the rhine” and references the brewery’s location in the historic Over-the-Rhine district in Cincinnati, where they built within the skeleton of the old Moerlein plant. A summer favorite from Rhinegeist is the well-balanced Truth India Pale Ale.

Jackie O’s Brewery

When we have a tap takeover featuring Jackie O’s, it’s usually one of our best attended takeovers throughout the year. That speaks volumes about this Ohio brewery, which has a brilliant line up of IPAs,

amber ales, and wheat-style beers!

MadTree Brewing Company

Founded by a well-educated trio (each holds an MBA), this brewery was spawned out of a passion for homebrewing! A line-up including Happy Amber, PsycHOPathy IPA, and Lift can often be found at DLM.

The Brew Kettle

This is one of the early, resurgent microbreweries in Ohio having opened in 1995. Their West Coast-styled IPA, White Rajah, has become a staple in our stores.

Yellow Springs Brewery

Yellow Springs
Founded by a husband-wife duo, this small town brewery has exploded in popularity on the quality of its two most celebrated beers— Captain Stardust Saison and Zoetic American Pale Ale.