Why Eat Local?

  • Supports our local family-farming community
  • Fruits and vegetables can ripen naturally
  • Keep food miles to a minimum
  • You know who is producing your food
  • Enjoy food in season at its peak taste

These are foods that are produced with care and love by local farmers with small, hands-on operations. Most come from within an hour’s drive away, and at maximum distance leaving the farm at breakfast and arriving to us by lunch time.

When it comes to food, we love where we live! Why? One reason is the bounty of good food produced locally. When buying fruits and vegetables, you will often find the best quality is local produce in season. Thanks to the rich soil here in our area, and farmers who are educated and passionate, we have amazingly great food produced here in our back yard.

Some of our local producers have organic certification and others not. In all cases, however, we know the farmers personally. We partner with those who have small, hands-on operations and live close to the land.

Since we began as a fruit stand in 1948, Dorothy Lane Market has been locally owned and operated, and we have had lifelong relationships with local farmers. These wonderful folks produce food locally, making life better right here at home! Look for their foods in DLM labeled “Local”, and feed your family from our local bounty.