Ship Great Cheeses

Allow to help set your or your loved ones table with a gourmet selection of cheeses from around the world.

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Local Cheeses

Try some great-tasting fresh cheeses produced right here where we live!

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American Cheeses

Being the melting pot of the world, our cheeses are an amalgam of other countries’ cheeses as well.

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Dutch Cheeses

Holland is renowned for its excellent cheese. These cheeses show you much versatility!

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French Cheeses

Undoubtedly, France's regions boast a majestic array of cheese unparalleled in shape, texture, and flavor.

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German Cheeses

Germany is one of the world's leading cheese producers.

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Italian Cheeses

Italy is world famous for having many delicious varieties of cheese. Explore the various types.

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English, Welsh, and Irish Cheeses

Cheesemaking is a daily routine in the United Kingdom. Much of the land is extremely fertile pastureland and is said to be home to five times as many cattle as humans.

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Spanish Cheeses

Explore the magnificent realm of Spanish cheeses.

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Swiss Cheeses

Cheesemaking has been a tradition in Switzerland for hundreds of years.

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DLM Homemade Cheese Spreads

Our cheese spreads are made fresh daily. They are perfect, whether you are enjoying them with a nice bottle of wine or just sitting back watching the game with a cold beer.

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DLM Handmade Mozzarella

Soft and moist with a clean, slightly sweet flavor. Made fresh daily in our stores!

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DLM Italian Mini Toasts

We import our Italian Mini Toasts from Torino, where Italian bread sticks and toast originated.

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Cheese 101

A quick reference to cheeses. This guide discusses the four main areas regarding cheese: types of cheese, storing cheese, serving cheese, and pairing cheese.

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Entertaining with Cheese

Whether you're inviting the neighbors over for a casual get-together, having the boss over for a formal dinner, or throwing the event of the century, there’s one thing to remember–always invite the life of the party…cheese!

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