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Megan Smith
Food Photography & Food Styling Workshop 
Hands-On Class
You spend hours making the perfect dessert ... or minutes whipping up a genius, impromptu dinner that puts a winner of Chopped to shame. It's a masterpiece in front of your eyes, but the photo you've just posted on Instagram & Facebook doesn't quite bring that masterpiece to life for your Aunt Sue our in Alaska. Join Megan Smith, founder and editor in chief of CAKE&WHISKEY, The Sweet & Spirited World of Business Magazine, for this class. You will not only eat and drink some of DLM's newest seasonal treats, you'll learn techniques for styling and photography with your phone camera to take your food and entertaining photos to the next level. This is a great class for bloggers, small business food owners, chefs, and at-home cooks.
Megan SmithTuesday, April 17 • 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM • $75.00