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Class Schedule: Next Great Chefs Classes

Our children already know more about cooking and culinary adventures than we ever did at their age! Help them feed their passion with cooking classes geared to them!

Petite Chefs (grades 1-3) get to help cook, learn about ingredients and have fun in the kitchen.

Junior Chefs (grades 4-6) learn fundamental kitchen skills, focusing on measuring, mixing, working cleanly and safely in the kitchen, and exploring new foods, while following recipes geared for their age group.

Teen Cuisine (ages 12 and up) get to experiment with simple yet sophisticated menus that they'll enjoy recreating at home. They'll learn the basics of knife skills, cooking and baking techniques, and organizing prep work.

Zebbie Borland
Junior Chefs' Culinary Adventure to England, Wales and Scotland 
Junior Chefs' Hands-On Class
Young chefs will delight in this culinary food adventure through England, Wales and Scotland with Zebbie. These recipes will peek students' interest for other cuisines of the world. Coronation Chicken Salad - This dish was created to celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. Its flavors are a cross of culture; English and Indian. It has become a staple in the U.K. Welsh Rarebit - This dish is made with a savory white sauce with cheddar cheese and various other ingredients and served hot, after being poured over slices of toasted crusty bread, or the cheese sauce may be served in a chafing dish like a fondue, accompanied by sliced, toasted bread. Scottish Shortbread Cookies -These rich cookies are made with butter, sugar and flour and can be made in many shapes - traditionally served at Christmas time in Scotland.
Zebbie BorlandMonday, October 2 • 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM • $45.00
Junior Chefs' Cake Decorating 101 
Junior Chefs' Hands-On Class
Join Sabrina Fiffe, from Love Cakes By Dorothy Lane Market, for this class and learn basic cake decorating techniques. Students will learn the tips and tricks for frosting a cake and using different piping techniques for creating their own designs. After practicing and becoming comfortable with their decorating skills, they will frost and decorate cupcakes and their own 8-inch cake to take home. Light snacks will be served.
Sabrina FiffeWednesday, October 11 • 4:30 PM – 6:30 PM • $75.00
Zebbie Borland
Petite Chefs' Little Witches and Warlocks Tea Party 
Petite Chefs' Hands-On Class
This is the time of year that little witches and warlocks join together for tea parties! Young chefs will join Zebbie for this class and have a scary good time creating these fun recipes. Green Pinwheel Sandwiches with Olive Spiders; Pretzel and Cheese Broomsticks; White Chocolate Strawberry Ghosts; Melted Witch Cupcakes; and Witches Brew!
Zebbie BorlandWednesday, October 25 • 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM • $45.00
Sherry Monaghan
Teen Class: Sauce 101 
Hands-On Teen Class (Ages 12 and Up)
Some of the most basic, yet key culinary skills will be taught in this class with Sherry. Whether it's a simple sauce made quickly for finishing a sautéed piece of meat, or a bit more complex using a slower cooking method, a good sauce completes a dish. Sherry will teach techniques for achieving delicious results. Students will learn how to make a bechamel sauce for Macaroni & Cheese; a simple pan sauce for Pork with Pan Thyme Sauce; and Caramel Sauce for topping Apple Crisp.
Sherry MonaghanMonday, October 30 • 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM • $50.00
Sherry Monaghan
Teen Class: Beef 101 
Hands-On Teen Class (Ages 12 and Up)
Sherry Monaghan is a high school teacher with a passion for cooking. In this class she'll teach students different cooking methods for several cuts of beef. Students will learn how to build flavor with fundamental ingredients such as fresh herbs, spices, onions and garlic to create recipes that are sure to become regulars for quick but satisfying meals. Swedish Meatballs; Beef Broccoli Stir-Fry; and Shredded Mexican Beef Tacos.
Sherry MonaghanWednesday, December 6 • 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM • $50.00