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Class Schedule: Foundation/Basics Classes

Every good cook needs to start somewhere and these classes will help! Whether it's a basic class on chicken, learning essential knife skills or a specific foundation skill like learning how to make fresh pasta; these classes will help build a solid foundation of cooking knowledge.
Chef Liz Valenti
Pizza Version 2.0 with Chef Liz 
Hands-On Class
Experience the pizza-making magic of Chef Liz Valenti of Wheat Penny Oven and Bar in tonight's class. We love the laid-back, generous teaching style of Chef Liz who is always eager to share her talent for making the best pizza in Dayton. Liz will show us how to make a couple of new pizza doughs she's excited about; and as always we'll use the freshest, most flavorful ingredients for topping the pies. This menu will be paired with wine and beer.
Chef Liz ValentiFriday, October 20 • 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM • $95.00  
Chef Carrie Walters
Hands-On Knife Skills 
Hands-On Class
Would you like to learn how to execute various basic knife cuts and shapes, like the julienne, dice, brunoise, and others? Mastering these knife cuts can improve the quality of the food you cook. Chef Carrie will explain the importance of how consistent cutting techniques ensure your food is cooked to a uniform degree of doneness, as well as enhance visual appeal. You will also learn how to select, wield, sharpen, and store knives. Bring your own chef's knife or use ours. A discount on all knives will be offered the day of class. A small appetizer plate will be served.
Chef Carrie WaltersMonday, November 6 • 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM • $75.00
Mary Cooney
Roasting for the Holidays  
Master the two classic roasts that are the stars of any holiday table - Roast Turkey and Prime Rib of Beef. Mary will show you how to roast a delicious moist bird with confidence. She'll then conquer a Prime Rib from start to finish. Mary will prepare some of her favorite side dishes to go with each and show us how to make delicious Turkey Gravy and Au Jus. Come prepared with your questions! This menu will be paired with wine.
Mary CooneyMonday, November 13 • 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM • $75.00
Dana Downs
Dinner is Done with Dana  
Chef Dana Downs from Roost Modern Italian and Roost American will share her favorite way to make dinner easier by using the sous vide cooking method. Sous vide is a cooking technique that utilizes precise temperature control to deliver consistent results. Food is cooked to the exact level of doneness desired, which is why Dana uses this cooking technique in her restaurants. This method is also becoming popular with home cooks as it can simplify weekly meal planning and save on a lot of prep time. She will share some of her favorite ways to cook meat, fish and side dishes that will help save time in your kitchen. Dana's menu will be paired with wine.
Dana DownsThursday, November 16 • 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM • $75.00
Chef Gerrie Bielefeld
The Fabulous Five 
When Chef Gerrie Bielefeld thinks about the magical culinary methods of expressions of the art, she goes back to what she calls The Fabulous Five - the five basic cooking methods: Poaching, Braising; Sautéing and Frying. Each of these techniques results in a finished product with their own flavor profile, texture, and appearance. The secret to the fabulous five is the magic that these cooking methods produce. They are universal, used within every culture and cuisine. If you understand these methods to the whole cooking puzzle, you can cook just about anything. Chef Gerrie will take each of these cooking methods and break them down so that you will achieve success in your kitchen. Chef Gerrie's menu will be paired with wine.
Chef Gerrie BielefeldThursday, December 14 • 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM • $75.00