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Class Schedule: July 2017 Classes

Zebbie Borland
Junior Chefs Camp: Going Global 
Junior Chefs Camp Going Global (grades 4-6)
We'll travel around the culinary world celebrating flavors of our favorite distinctive cuisines. Each day of week we'll explore a new country. Mexico: Queso Fundido; Chicken Enchiladas; Tres Leche Cake; Greece: Chicken Lemon Soup; Athenian Chicken; Honey Doughnuts; Thailand: Chicken Satay; Pad Thai; Mango and Sweet Sticky Rice; Brazil: Steak with Chimichurri; Rice and Beans; Papaya Crème. Friday will be a "Mystery Basket" Day when young chefs will team-up and use their newly-learned skills and creativity to create their very own menus.
Zebbie BorlandMonday, July 10 • 9:00 AM – 11:30 AM • $250.00
Sandy Bergsten
Summer's Bounty Dinner Party 
Head out to the farm stand (DLM has one right in the center of our store), fire up the grill and invite a fun group of folks over for a relaxed summer spread. Sandy Bergsten will show you how easily it's done with a menu that celebrates summer deliciously! Gazpacho with Shrimp and Avocado; Grilled Marinated Flank Steak; Fresh Corn Relish; Sweet Potato Fries with Sriracha Sauce; and Strawberry Shortcake Parfaits. This menu will be paired with wine.
Sandy BergstenWednesday, July 12 • 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM • $75.00
Chef Scott Hailey
Up and Down the East Coast 
Chefs Scott and Mike will take us on a delicious road trip up and down the east coast. Join us for this menu of small plate heaven. Mussel, Lobster and Clam Fra diavolo; Shrimp Po Boy with Fried Green Tomatoes on Cheddar Jalapeno Buttermilk Biscuits; Deconstructed Philly-Style Cheesesteak with Grilled Hanger Steak and Four-Cheese Sauce; Caribbean Mahi Mahi with Tropical Fruit Salsa and Mofongo Black Beans and Macerated Berries over Lemon Pound Cake. This menu will be paired with wine and beer.
Chef Scott Hailey and Chef Mike ShubertFriday, July 14 • 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM • $75.00
Mary Cooney
Italian Supper Club 
Hands-On Couples' Class
We've got the menu, the capocuoco, and the background music essential for creating the ultimate Italian Supper Club experience. Mary will guide you through the recipes to create this classic Italian meal with gusto! Warm Marinated Olives; Tri-Color Salad with Garlic Parmesan Dressing; Italian Cheese Bread; Steak Delmonico; Pasta Carbonara; Bacon Wrapped Green Beans and Spumoni. This menu will be paired with Italian wines.
Mary CooneySunday, July 16 • 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM • $135.00 per couple
Sherry Monaghan
Summer Sous Chefs: Chop Chop 
Hands-On Teen Class (ages 12 and up)
This class will cover basic skills and techniques every sous chef needs to be confident in the kitchen. Students will begin by learning how to handle a chef's knife while practicing specific knife cuts used in vegetable preparation. After honing these skills, students will toss a delicious salad and make a mean stir fry!
Sherry MonaghanTuesday, July 18 • 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM • $75.00
Mary Cooney
Best of Summer Fruit Pies 
Hands-On Class
Picture the perfect pie with a flaky, buttery pie crust, baked to golden perfection, and bursting with sweet, tangy fresh fruit! In this hands-on class, Mary will teach you how to make all-butter pie crust and fruit fillings with the abundance of fruit summer provides. Fresh Strawberry; Blueberry Lattice and Rustic Peach. This class will be paired with ice cream! Light snacks will be served.
Mary CooneyWednesday, July 19 • 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM • $75.00
Chef Carrie Walters
Grilling Myths Debunked with Chef Carrie 
Join Chef Carrie as she debunks popular and common outdoor cooking myths in this unique grilling class. We'll topple lots of old school rules while eating all of the research! Menu will include Reverse Seared Steaks; Beer Brined Pork Loin; Skinless Boneless Chicken Breast; Bacon Wrapped Shrimp; and Chef's Favorite Grilled Dessert. This menu will be paired with wine and beer.
Chef Carrie WaltersThursday, July 20 • 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM • $75.00
Mary Cooney
Summer Sous Chefs: Meat & Potatoes 
Hands-On Teen Class (ages 12 and up)
Sous chefs will learn the basics and then some! These skills and techniques will prove useful each and every time they're in the kitchen. In this class they will learn: how to cook a steak and determine doneness; braise a tough cut of beef; grill a juicy burger; make classic French fries; and whip up some garlic aioli.
Mary CooneyFriday, July 21 • 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM • $75.00
DLM Culinary Center Staff
Local Supper Club 
The very best of local- right here at DLM! If you want to eat fresh, healthy, colorful, tasty food then come for dinner! The DLM Culinary Staff will cook and serve a delicious dinner using our best locally sourced foods. (We love our farmers!) Corn-Bacon Fritters with Herb Aioli; Sweet and Spicy Barbecued Hill Family Farm's Chicken with Fennel, Celery and Apple Slaw; Zucchini with Cumin, Basil, Mint and Ricotta; and Spiced Peach Bread Pudding. We'll have wine and beer for purchase with this menu.
DLM Culinary Center Staff Friday, July 21 • 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM • $35.00
Sherry Monaghan
American Honey  
Hands-On Couples' Class
Join Sherry for a tribute to one of her favorite southern eateries, The Tupelo Honey Café. These recipes are southern through and through and sure to hit that comfort food spot. Beet Carpaccio; Shrimp and Goat Cheese Grits with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce; Root Beer Molasses Glazed Pork Tenderloin with Apple Salsa and Peach Blueberry Cobbler.
Sherry MonaghanSunday, July 23 • 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM • $135.00 per couple
Sherry Monaghan
Summer Sous Chefs: Which Came First? 
Hands-On Teen Class (ages 12 and up)
This class will focus on various cooking methods an techniques for preparing everyone's favorite protein staples. Students will learn: how to roast a perfect chicken; sauté a chicken breast; poach an egg; make a French omelet; and whip up a meringue.
Sherry MonaghanTuesday, July 25 • 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM • $75.00
Julia Hoy
Main Course Salads 
These dinner salads will become your favorite warm weather go-to meals. Julia will show you how to beat the heat by tossing up these seasonal, hearty main dish salads. Grilled Shrimp Soba Noodle Salad with Miso; Citrus Grilled Chicken, Black Quinoa and Spinach Salad with Lemon, Avocado and Pistachios; Salade Nicoise with Tuna; Thai Beef Salad with Greens and Spicy Asian Dressing; and we'll finish with a Peach Sorbet and Berry Bellini. This menu will be paired with wine.
Julia HoyWednesday, July 26 • 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM • $75.00
Mary Cooney
Summer Sous Chefs: From Scratch 
Hands-On Teen Class (ages 12-up)
There are many benefits of baking from scratch. In this class students will learn how they can control what goes into their food, how economical it is and how much better homemade food tastes. Mary will teach students the fundamentals for baking all sorts of homemade goodies. They will bake a tender cake with homemade chocolate butter cream frosting; master pie dough for making blueberry cream hand pies; and learn the techniques for making a savory biscuit.
Mary CooneyThursday, July 27 • 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM • $75.00
Mary Cooney
Crazy for Tomatoes! 
Hands-On Couples' Class
We can't get enough of those homegrown tomatoes! Let Mary show you how to use those beauties in these mouth-watering recipes you will help create and enjoy! Rustic Tomato Tart; Pecan Crusted Mozzarella Salad with Heirloom Tomatoes; Homemade Cavatelli with Roasted Multi-Colored Grape Tomatoes, Spinach and Mushrooms in Garlic Cream Sauce; Parmesan Chicken Tenders with Tomato Basil Salad; Fresh Green Beans with Tomatoes and Onions and Almond Cake. this menu will be paired with wine.
Mary CooneySunday, July 30 • 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM • $135.00 per couple