Class Schedule: April 2016 Classes


 Champagne & Food Pairing with Veuve Clicquot

Join us at the Culinary Center for an extraordinary evening with Pierre Casaneve. Pierre joined Champagne Veuve Clicquot in 2008 as a winemaker in the wine communication team leaded by Cyril Brun. He is proud to belong to the tasting panel led by chef de caves Dominique Demarville, taking an active part in the creation of the finest quality blends for all of the House's wines. He is also involved in the harvest and especially in the Chardonnay winemaking in Vertus. Casaneve now plays a significant role in the communication efforts of Veuve Clicquot - tasting, promoting and training all over the world in French, English and Spanish.
Pierre Casaneve and Chef Carrie WaltersFriday, April 1 • 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM • $100.00  

Julia Hoy

 Tuesdays with Julia; Sautéing 101

Demonstration Class with Some Participation
Looking to build up your cooking skills? Join DLM's Culinary Instructor Julia Hoy for a fresh take on learning how to cook. These 2 hour classes will have some participation and will focus on classic cooking methods to help you be more successful in your home kitchen! Sautéing recipes to follow. Sauté is a French term that refers to cooking food in a small amount of fat over relatively high heat. During this class we will examine styles and methods of sautéing and the equipment used. Sautéed Garlic Shrimp; Stir-Fred Vegetables and Scaloppini alla Marsala.
Julia HoyTuesday, April 5 • 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM • $50.00  

Ghyslain Maurais

 French Macarons and Madeleines

The ultimate confection, the French Macaron will be taught step-by-step by DLM's expert, Ghyslain. The Macaron is deceptively simple - just two piped almond discs filled with a layer of buttercream, jam or ganache but it can be incredibly frustrating for even the most talented home baker. Learn how to perfect this notoriously fickle confection into utter deliciousness! Pistachio/strawberry with Butter Cream; Raspberry with Jam; Chocolate with Ganache; and Ghyslain will also show us how to make the perfect Madeleine.
Ghyslain MauraisWednesday, April 6 • 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM • $75.00  

Chef Carrie Walters

 Three Amigos

Join Chefs Wiley, Liz and Carrie as they host a delicious evening bursting with Spring's earliest flavors, back of the house shenanigans and recipes! They will also pair their dishes with personal wine and beer favorites.
Chef Carrie Walters and Chefs Elizabeth Wiley & Liz Valenti Thursday, April 7 • 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM • $95.00  

Zebbie Borland

 Family Night: Chicken Pot Pie

Hands-On Class
Chicken Pot Pie with it's creamy filling and flaking crust is one of the most loved comfort food recipes ever! Pair it with a salad and you've got a complete dinner. Join Zebbie and she'll teach you how to make the best homemade version of this delicious entrée. You'll never buy that frozen pie again. Chicken Pot Pie; Zebbie's Special Spinach Salad and California Dream Bars. $75 for two people
Zebbie BorlandSunday, April 10 • 5:00 PM – 7:30 PM • $75.00  

Mary Cooney

 Fresh Pasta Workshop

Hands-On Class
Students will join Mary Cooney for this Pasta Making Workshop and learn to make two types of pasta dough. We'll make Fresh Egg Pasta and Fresh Spinach Pasta. Mary will explain the different uses for these two types of pasta and then we'll enjoy the results of these delicious doughs by making these recipes: Agnolotti (a type of ravioli) filled with Chicken, Mushrooms and Spinach and Topped with a Creamy Tomato Sauce; and Cannelloni Filled with Crab and Lobster in Bechmamel Sauce. This menu will include a simple salad and a DLM Bakery dessert.
Mary CooneyMonday, April 11 • 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM • $75.00  

Chef Carrie Walters
 George Punter

 Beyond the Usual Suspects; Unique White Wine Varietals

Join Wine Educator George Punter and Chef Carrie as they show you that there is so much more than the common wine varietals like Cabernet, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Sauvingon Blanc. Be adventurous and explore the worlds of wine with varietals you many not be familiar with but will soon become some of your new favorites. In these two classes you will broaden your range and palate with new choices for wine. The Mediterranean is the greatest source of new grape varietals that make delicious wine with soft tannins and rich fruit. Naturally Chef Carrie will pair the wine tastings with a progressive 5 course menu. White Wine Varietals
Chef Carrie Walters and George PunterWednesday, April 13 • 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM • $75.00  

Jiffie Hart

 Traveling the Ancient Camino de Santiago with Food & Wine

Join Jiffie Hart for this class as we travel the Camino de Santiago, also known as the Way of St. James, from the comfort of our Culinary Center. This ancient pilgrimage has been traveled since the 10th Century and in recent years has had a huge resurgence in popularity. Last fall Jiffie walked the most popular route to Santiago, the Camino Frances. On her 500 mile journey from St. Jean Pied de Port, France, to Santiago de Compostela, she passed through 9 of Spain's province, each with unique cuisines, and 6 major wine regions. Come journey the Camino with great food and wine and no blisters!
Jiffie HartFriday, April 15 • 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM • $75.00  

Zebbie Borland

 Petite Chefs; Garden to Table

Petite Chefs' Hands-On Class
Zebbie will explain how rewarding and fun it can be to grow your food! No matter how small or large your garden it's such a great way to learn about healthy eating habits and hobbies! Enjoy making these springtime recipes and learn a few gardening tips too! Cherry Tomato Bruschetta; Corn and Chicken Pasta; Stir-Fried Vegetables; Rosemary Focaccia with Herbed Butter and Fruit Crème Brulee.
Zebbie BorlandMonday, April 18 • 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM • $45.00  

Matthew Somich

 Tamales & Empanadas

Hands-On Class
Chef Matt is back to teach us the delicious similarities and differences between two of the tastiest dishes in the world! We'll learn how to make a couple varieties of both tamales and empanadas - all from scratch! We'll pair those plump and savory hand held masterpieces with both beer and wine.
Matthew SomichTuesday, April 19 • 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM • $75.00  

Mary Cooney

 Traditional Italian Cookies

Hands-On Class
Mary's been making these cookie recipes for years at the request of family and friends. Recipes passed down from generation to generation are the most cherished. In this hands-on class you'll learn to make these cookies that are perfect for serving at a graduation open house, wedding party, or any other spring celebratory event. Mascarpone Fig Jam Cookie; Italian Almond Horn Dipped in Chocolate; Mostaccioli and Abruzzesi Grape Jam Filled Cookie. Light snacks will be served.
Mary CooneyWednesday, April 20 • 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM • $75.00  

Chef Jenn DiSanto

 The Ultimate Food & Wine Party - South Beach Style

Grab your best girlfriend and get ready to indulge your taste buds in an over-the-top party South Beach style! Chef Jenn DiSanto will show us South American inspired dishes which will be paired with beer and wine. Come along with us for this spectacular party food.
Chef Jenn DiSantoThursday, April 21 • 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM • $75.00  

Chef Carrie Walters

 Lunch & Learn with Chef Carrie; Light & Fresh

Don't you just love springtime vegetables and fruits? In this hour-long class, Chef Carrie will teach you how to make these delicious, quick recipes, perfect for a luncheon. Artichoke and Strawberry Panzanella; Chicken Milanese with Arugula & Capers and Individual Lemon Sponge Cakes.
Chef Carrie WaltersFriday, April 22 • 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM • $25.00  

Julia Hoy

 Family Night: Back to the 50's!

Hands-On Class
Join us for a nostalgic 1950's style backyard barbecue with family and friends. This afternoon we'll be cooking up some retro recipes with Julia that will bring a smile to your face and a warm feeling of nostalgia. Classic Beantown Brown Bread; Boston Harbor Baked Beans; Hickory Hill's Best Ever Pork Chops; Country Cottage Slaw and Astoria's Chocolate Cake. See you there, neighbor! $75 for 2 people.
Julia HoySunday, April 24 • 5:00 PM – 7:30 PM • $75.00  

Zebbie Borland

 Junior Chefs; Homemade Pizza

Junior Chefs' Hands-On Class
Join Zebbie
Zebbie BorlandMonday, April 25 • 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM • $45.00  

Julia Hoy

 Tuesdays with Julia; Beans & Legumes

Hands-On Class, some Participation
Looking to build up your cooking skills? Join DLM's culinary instructor Julia Hoy for a fresh take on learning how to cook. These 2 hour classes will have some participation and will focus on classic cooking methods to help you be more successful in your home kitchen. Beans and Legumes are among the most versatile and nutritious foods available. They are low in fat and high in nutrients. Julia will elaborate on the nutrition side of these foods but also prove how delicious healthy can be! Black Eyed Peas with Tahini Yogurt; Red Lentil Coconut Soup and Homemade Hummus.
Julia HoyTuesday, April 26 • 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM • $50.00  

DLM Culinary Center Staff

 Knife Academy with Wustof's Chef Mike Garaghty

Hands-On Class
Join Wustof's expert Chef Mike Garaghty, as he holds his first Knife Skills Academy class in the DLM Culinary Center. We will learn how to properly hold, weld and sharpen knives in class. He will highlight the essential knives to start out with as well as explain the qualities between the 3 different edges available. You will be able to understand the anatomy of a knife and the best ways to become more efficient cook in the kitchen!
DLM Culinary Center Staff Thursday, April 28 • 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM • $75.00