You Can Count on Accurate Pricing at DLM

At Dorothy Lane Market, we always pride ourselves on going the extra mile to ensure not only that we’re bringing you the best products, but that we bring it to you with integrity. That integrity starts with the people who we choose to do business with and the ingredients we select for all the food we make. And it carries through with each step through our store and all the way to your dinner table.

That’s why we welcome local auditors into our stores when they make their annual visit to evaluate our compliance in price verification. These highly trained weights and measures inspectors test commercial scanners, weighing, and measuring devices throughout the store. These can be anything from the scales at the deli and meat counters to those at the check-out stations that weigh your produce. The inspectors also evaluate packaged goods and will verify that what consumers are paying for is the net weight of the product and not the packaging.

We’re proud to report that our most recent certificate of achievement for 100% compliance in price verification was issued to us by the Montgomery County Auditor in April 2015. Over the years, we’ve consistently scored top marks.


We take pricing accuracy seriously year-round, as it’s our job and responsibility to our customers to do just that. We routinely conduct aisle audits to verify that prices on shelves match what shows up at the register. We also monitor the calibration of our scales. So when you shop at DLM, rest assured that you are paying for what we promise to the best of our knowledge. We wouldn’t have it any other way.