Our Journey to Italy: Vera Jane’s Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Some years ago, my parents, Norman and Terry, were traveling in Italy and met an enterprising young man in Tuscany named Alex Zanetti. Alex had tried his hand at a couple of other businesses, such as jewelry and Italian leather products, but his real passion was food. He couldn’t help it, you see, growing up eating his mother’s tasty cooking, such as her pappardelle with wild boar ragu. His mother Lily, a native Toscana, would liberally drizzle many of her dishes with oil from the very same olive trees surrounding their hillside estate, located just outside the medieval walled town of Lucignano. Over a long dinner on Lily’s porch, my parents learned that Alex was contemplating exporting his family’s olive oil to America. My Dad didn’t give it too much thought, but left Italy bottle in hand.

I’ve been fortunate to taste hundreds of olive oils over the years, and the very first time I tasted the Zanetti’s oil I knew it was special. I recall saying, “Wow! That is some oil. Must be expensive.”

It had flavor, balance, and a healthy peppery kick that Tuscan oils are known for. When I heard that Alex could sell it directly to us for a very reasonable price, I was interested. In fact, we thought so much of the oil that we put my Grandmother’s photo on it and named it after her, calling it Vera Jane’s Extra-Virgin Olive Oil.

Thanks to our friend Alex, you can enjoy this top-quality, Tuscan olive oil at a very reasonable price. It is, for good reason, our best-selling olive oil. Since then, Alex has brought us other classics from Italy. We’ve been proud to put our name on them; DLM Aged Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, DLM Italian Mini-Toasts, and DLM Authentic Italian Pasta, just to name a few.

Thank goodness my Mom and Dad had dinner with the Zanettis all those years ago! We are still enjoying, or should I say eating, the benefits.