Travel Truths – So many mustards, so little time.

Why does everything always taste better in Europe? The answer for me is amazingly simple—humble ingredients. For a recent trip with my family, the ingredient that won us over in many ways was mustard. My family is a seasoned group of standby flight vagabonds that somehow manage to play the game and win sometimes. We flew to  France & hopped in a rental car for a roadrip through rainy Burgundy with stops on the way to Auxerre, Dijon and Beaune to name a few. Our goal was simple — eat & drink everything local, and in between  walk through as many museums and UNESCO world heritage sites we can!

So when in Dijon, why not go to the mustard museum? (It was fascinating, BTW.) In the towns of Beaune and Dijon, both French companies of Maille and Fallot have mustard boutiques where you can taste a variety of their mustard flavors on “tap” at a mustard bar. It’s everywhere and in almost everything.  On charcuterie plates, on the breakfast buffet, whipped into mayonnaise, dressings, sauces, terrines, glazed on roasted meats, etc.

What’s really cool is that right here at DLM we carry a lot of those French mustards in a dizzying array of flavors in good ol’ Dayton! Naturally, we have Classic Dijon, Whole Grain, and Champagne, but you need to try some of the others that are truly special like Black Truffle, Violet, or Green Peppercorn. You will be amazed at the incredible flavors mustard can have. My two newest favorites are Tarragon ( kinda hot with herbally brightness) and Provencal (with notes of red pepper , garlic, and paprika).

You can  travel to your local DLM for these fabulous French mustards without any airline fees or hassles, and enjoy a little taste of France along with me. Want to just try them? Come into the DLM Culinary Center any time and we can set up a mustard tasting just for you.

So many mustards, so little time!