Too Hot to Cook?


When the dog days of summer hit, sometimes it’s hard to even think about heating up your kitchen or grill. Forgo the stress and join the rest of us in the air conditioning while you can decide which of our well-seasoned, prepared foods can become an easy meal without any undo stress  or effort. With lots of local and gluten-free options, a DLM dinner can be yours tonight!
Here are two of my current favorites that I have been bringing home:
Grilled Vegetables
Take a short cut and avoid the heat and humidity by picking out your favorite perfectly grilled vegetables right here! These are handy to have around. Try layering them on a sandwich slathered with our hummus, throw them in our in DLM Original Marinara Sauce, or toss them with a little  balsamic vinegar topped with fresh goat cheese. So many delicious options that can help the constant question –what is there to eat?
Black Pepper Marinated Half Chicken
We marinate and roast off  Ed Hill’s fresh local chicken in a delicious black pepper marinade. Take this home and serve it hot or cold- it’s moist , tender, and ready to eat. Reheat briefly and serve it with our local corn on the cob. I like to pull it off the bone and use it for cold Chinese chicken salads.




Chef Carrie Walters, DLM Culinary Director