Time Saving Packed Lunches



No time to pack a lunch? Grab a DLM Lunchbox — they’re perfect in both size and content! This cute and recyclable lunchbox will fit into a backpack, briefcase, or the newest Vera Bradley tote. You might have to wrestle one away from your children to enjoy one for yourself.

The DLM Lunchbox is filled with smart choices that not only make mom happy, but the kids as well. Each box has a freshly made sandwich using our high quality ingredients and our freshly baked Unbleached White Sandwich Bread or Classic 10-Grain Bread but are sized slightly smaller than our overstuffed Deli Famous Sandwiches. We have three to choose from: Ham and Cheddar; Turkey and Cheddar; or Classic PB & J using DLM Organic Peanut Butter and sweet DLM Strawberry Preserves. Nestled alongside is a crisp Red Delicious apple, string cheese, whole grain Cheddar cheese goldfish, and a box of raisins.

Next time you or your family is in need of a healthy lunch on the run, come in and grab a couple of our Lunchboxes. They are packed and ready to go when you are!

Chef Carrie Walters
DLM Culinary Director