Sweet & Salty Summer


My newest summer obsession is a seasonal flavor of Jeni’s Ice Cream – Atlantic Beach Pie. I had never heard of this pie, so at first I wasn’t prone to spend almost $10 on a new flavor!  I already have such a hard time deciding which one of her amazing flavors I am willing to commit to standing in front of the ice cream freezer doors here at DLM.  But this combo of tart citrus, sweet cream, and saltine crackers has been buzzing around the summer issues of Food & Wine and Bon Appétit, so I figured I’d give it a try. My only regret is that it took me so long!

On Jeni’s website she describes this flavor as “Sweet cream layered with tart lemon pudding and saltine gravel – based on the classic Southern pie.”  My goodness—what’s not to like, especially in the summer? The salty soda crackers are found in clumps that still manage to be dry and crunchy, swirled into lightly sweetened cream with tart ribbons of thick lemon deliciousness.

Dining out? Here in Dayton, my good friend Wiley (chef and owner of Meadowlark & Wheatpenny) already has her version on the menu.  Baked from scratch complete with a saltine crust, you should order this dessert the next time you are out. Perfectly balanced, it’s a great, flavorful way to end a summer meal!