Let Pastry Be Your Passport

We hear it often—our Spring Fling Pastry & Food Show guests feel as if they are transported to faraway places by the foods and pastries that they taste while at this annual event, happening 7-9 p.m. Thursday April 27 at DLM Springboro. Eclairs glisten with blankets of chocolate mirror glaze; Macarons dance with excitement; Tarte aux Fruits wear splashes of showy color; and a Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Cake sits high, begging you to take the pâtisserie plunge. This year will be no exception.

It all starts with Pastry Chef Lindsey Lucas and her team. They infuse the pastry at DLM, including the delectable menu their creating for our upcoming Spring Fling, with a made-from-scratch mentality. Fresh cream, European-style butter, and high-grade chocolate are the reasons why so many of our signature pastries have that authentic taste, from our handmade French pastry dough, which is the base for many of our items, to rich mousse that fills delicacies like Chocolate Mousse Cup and Raspberry Napoleon.

“It’s worth it when you take that extra time and energy,” Lindsey says. For Lindsey, she’s always known that she’s wanted to be a chef. It was during her early years of professional training that a teacher took note of her precision and attention to detail. “You’re going to be a pastry chef,” the instructor told her. From that point forward, Lindsey worked hard both at school and on staff at DLM (then in the Bakery) to make her dream of making a living as a pastry chef a reality. It was about three years ago that the opportunity was presented to her to lead the DLM Pâtisserie. “It’s not work (in the traditional sense of the word). I love it. I love being creative,” Lindsey says. “I’ve always felt fortunate that I knew what I wanted to be.”

When you speak with Lindsey about her job, she exudes a sense of contentment and excitement, both in healthy doses. She walks past the pâtisserie case, describing how each and every morsel comes together. Some even require 48 hours of prep, as certain layers need time to set before the next one is applied. “It’s food art,” she says, but is adamant that it must taste just as amazing as it looks. “There’s nothing worse than something that looks good but tastes bad. You gotta have both. We come up with the flavors first, and then the art component.”

In fact, like any great artist, Lindsey often spends time sketching out ideas for new creations, layer by layer. And her creative gears have certainly been spinning with new ways to bring excitement to this year’s Spring Fling Pastry & Food Show. “It’s a night to really have fun and to show what talented, passionate people we have working here,” she says. Click here to register!