Soups Made From Scratch


Fall weather brings on soup season, and here at DLM we make them everyday from scratch. Not frozen, canned, or in a vacuumed sealed bag—just our excellent, high-quality ingredients and a little time. You can find a good variety served hot at our soup stations or even more of a selection in two sizes ready to take home and enjoy. I like to find my favorites & freeze them so I always can have something on hand that is comforting and delicious!

These are a couple of my favorites for fall that you’ll see in our rotation:

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Black Bean Pumpkin–Black beans and pumpkin simmered with a little ham and finished with a little Spanish Sherry to make this soup deliciously different.

Minnesota Turkey: A Midwestern Classic–A thick and hearty wild rice soup made with our local turkey and slivered almonds.

Butternut Squash and Apple Cider–A gorgeous & delicious vegan soup made with butternut squash and a splash of DLM’s own Apple Cider.

Classic Chili–Practically fall in a bowl, there’s nothing fancy about this chili–just premium ingredients melded together to create hearty, comforting food.

Split Pea–A rich and satisfying soup slowly simmered with DLM Uncured Bacon that is practically a meal in itself!

Chef Carrie Walters
DLM Culinary Director