DLM Game Day Snacking Playbook

Sure there’s the football, the commercials, and the excitement when it comes to watching Super Bowl LI where the New England Patriots will battle it out against the Atlanta Falcons this Sunday, Feb. 5. But what we really get excited about is the food. Whether your team will emerge victorious or not is out of your control, so let’s make sure your game day spread for Super Bowl LI is a winner. Just follow our snacking playbook below featuring many of our DLM game day favorites, and the food will be a hit regardless of the outcome of the game.


Greet your game day crew with a spread of snacks to jumpstart the pre-game mingling and add some crunch to your party. TRY: DLM Guacamole, DLM Fresh Salsa, Beef Cream Cheese Ball, and a Mexican Appetizer Tray. Don’t forget the DLM White Corn Tortilla Chips.

First & Second Quarters

Dip into the start of the game (and the snacks) with some proven winners. TRY: DLM Spinach Dip with DLM Pumpernickel Bread, Bavarian Pretzel Sticks with DLM Beer Cheese, Chicken Wings, or Bacon Cheddar Pull Apart Bread.


Whether your team is winning or losing, the time is now to bring out the heavy-hitters. TRY: DLM BBQ Meatballs, Pretzel Sandwich (requires 24-hour notice), Ultimate Sandwich (requires 24-hour notice), and Shrimp Cocktail.

Third & Fourth Quarters

Killer Brownie® Tray and Laura’s Cookies

Are you gearing up to celebrate a victory or preparing for a nailbiter? Either way, something sweet will get you through this last stretch. TRY: Killer Brownie® Tray, Laura’s Cookies, and King Cake.

Looking to make something special at home? Try these recipes: 

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