Rancho Gordo Heirloom Beans

 rancho-gordo-beans-imageI am so excited that these are now available at DLM! Rancho Gordo is located in Napa, California and they work closely with chefs, farmers, and food lovers everywhere by creating and growing a viable market for indigenous beans from the Americas. Rancho Gordo Beans have been featured in Saveur, Bon Appétit and Food + Wine magazine. Chef’s like Thomas Keller, Deborah Madison, and Paula Wolfert love to incorporate them into their meals and now we can too!

 I was in Napa for a culinary conference a couple months ago and got to visit their family run facility. Their beans are on the menus of all the best Napa Valley restaurants and gourmet shops. I dined on Christmas Lima Beans at the Market and Classic Cranberry at the Goose and Gander and loved every bite!

 These heirloom beans like Mayocoba, Vaquero, and Yellow Eye (to name a few) all have interesting characteristics and flavor profiles that are just plain delicious. We also have recipes cards with all sort of ideas available in our stores to help you get started adding more healthful legumes to your everyday cooking!