Provence + Rosé = Vacation Bliss


provence image

Cézannes Studio, a bullfight in a Roman Amphitheater, and even the Palace of the Popes pales to my memories of drinking rosé in that glorious sunshine! Just a few short weeks ago, my family took a “road trip” through Provence.  I was there almost 21 years ago on a break during Culinary School with my husband. We had a blast back then, but we truly didn’t realize how fortunate we were stumbling around the South of France just drinking red wine.

Don’t worry — going back years later I had rosés on the top of my list. What I like most about rosé is that it is delicious- no snobbery or pretense, just the perfect wine. For vacations, picnics, lunch, dinner – get the picture? It is so food friendly, I never have to stress about whether it will be a good pairing wine.

When we headed towards the coast, we decided to stay in Bandol – the headquarters, if you will, of Provence rosés. I was amazed at the huge variety, colors, and nuances between just the locally produced wines. Now add in all the other rosés you can find being produced from almost every other established wine region, like the States, Australia and even Hungary, and it’s quite a selection to choose from!

The best memory for me right now is captured in that photo. Eating a Provençal planche – a board filled with small bites of pâtés, cheeses, tapenades, and olives all paired with a crisp, refreshing rosé.  I plan on reliving that lovely memory every time I open a bottle of rosé this season.



Come and check out DLM’s huge selection of rosés. Or, book a spot in our Days of Wine and Rosé class next week in our Culinary Center and get to know the world of rosé!

Chef Carrie Walters
DLM Culinary Director