Perfect Fall Salad

Quinoa is a culinary superfood that has grown in popularity so much that it’s practically a common word in American households. And for good reason: this food packs a huge healthy punch. It’s loaded with protein, fiber, and magnesium, and provides a versatile base for a variety of flavors. For example, my healthy twist on the classic Waldorf Salad (minus the mayo and Cool Whip…trust me, you won’t miss it at all). It’s the perfect fall salad.

Nutty Quinoa + Fall Flavors

Crunchy walnuts, crisp apples, sweet-tart cranberries, and fresh baby spinach are all tossed with nutty quinoa and dressed with a made-from-scratch balsamic dressing. It’s a salad that is full of fun textures and is so good for you. Available in the Deli department, it has all these delightful flavors of autumn plus the added benefit of being gluten free.