Operation Fill the Bag: Will You Do Your Part?

As Earth Day nears (Wednesday, April 22), the Dorothy Lane Market team has been extremely busy, challenging ourselves as individuals to really do something in the spirit of Earth Day.

The premise behind Operation Fill the Bag is beautifully simple: Take a DLM paper bag out into your community and collect enough litter or recyclables to fill it. DLM associates have been sharing these via their personal social media accounts using #DLMEarthDay, and encouraging their friends and those in their networks to do the same. Here are a few:

DLM’s Amy Reeves ventures to a nearby park where she is astonished by the amount of litter lingering in the treeline.
Chelsea Reeves, a DLM Springboro associate, joined Amy in cleaning up the park.
Ashley Kemper and Kassidy Buschor, DLM Springboro associates, collected litter around a lacrosse field.
DLM’s Brooke Shane doing her part for #DLMEarthDay.
Carol Yeakel, a DLM Oakwood associate, joins in. #DLMEarthDay
Tom Yeakel, a DLM Oakwood associate, also fills his DLM bag for #DLMEarthDay.
DLM’s Samantha Johnson doesn’t hesitate to join the cleanup effort in her neighborhood. #DLMEarthDay

Through Earth Day, we’ll be sharing pictures of associates and community members cleaning up their neighborhoods via DLM’s social media accounts with the hashtag #DLMEarthDay.

The ripples of change start small, and we all have the power (with the help of social media) to galvanize our fellow community members to join in cleaning up our neighborhoods.

Will you join us? Simply tag DLM on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and use the hashtag, #DLMEarthDay.