Non-GMO Bird is the Word: Why We Did It

This year, we are proud to debut a DLM Free-Range Turkey that’s non-GMO, in addition to its other long-standing attributes, such as antibiotic free, vegetarian fed, free range, and locally raised at Bowman & Landes Farm. The journey has not been an easy one. To get the Non-GMO Project Verified certification is an ongoing process of farm audits, procedures, and documentation to make sure these special flocks are raised non-GMO. It’s been a learning experience for all, not to mention the feed cost is almost twice that of the GMO-fed birds. Why did we do it?

Why We Sought to Bring a Non-GMO Turkey to Your Table

Take a drive through the country on a nice fall day and you will see farmers hard at work bringing in the harvest. Farming today has changed dramatically in the last 20 years. Farmers faced with higher land cost, operating capital, and equipment costs have been pushed to increase yields and farm more acres just to stay even. Modern agriculture responded in 1992 when the Food & Drug Administration approved the first genetically modified crop to be released for human consumption—the Flavr Savr tomato. In 1996, the herbicide-resistant varieties of corn and soybeans were introduced. We have changed what we grow and how we grow it in just 20 years. Now, 88% of all corn and 93% of all soybeans are produced using the newest genetically modified seed varieties, and 90% of these crops are the staples of animal feed and ethanol.

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are plants or animals created in a lab through the splicing of genes. This gives the technology the ability to combine DNA from completely different species creating combinations of plant, bacterial, and viral genes that are not possible to happen in nature or through traditional crossbreeding. More than 60 countries around the world, including all the countries in the European Union, Australia, and Japan, have strong restrictions and outright bans on the production and sale of GMO crops.

There is a growing movement for more organic and non-GMO foods than ever before. Not wading into the swamp of whose science do you want to believe and what is right and wrong, I look to simple common sense. You are what you eat and it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature. DLM customers have always expected us to do the right thing. That is why more than 25 years ago, we started making the switch to antibiotic- and hormone-free, vegetarian-fed proteins. It was the right thing to do. Time has proven us right and now the rest of the industry is scrambling to catch up. Now, we’re proud to stand behind The DLM Free-Range Turkey, too.

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