New! Gluten-Free Naples Pizza Crust




After months of experimenting with a variety of gluten-free doughs and crusts that would work in our Naples-Style ovens, we found the one in our own backyard.

Flavor comes first here at DLM, so many doughs didn’t make it past step #1. Next was the challenge of getting a GF dough that would not only survive in a 700+ degree oven without scorching the bottom, but have the ability to be both delicate and have a chewy texture distinctive in Naples-Style crusts. It was a lot to ask for.

Note to self — count on your good friends! Chef Liz at Wheat Penny Oven and Barmakes beautiful California-style pizzas that are simply delicious from scratch. If you haven’t had the pleasure of dining there, go! Liz has had an incredible cooking career and the fact that we have her in Dayton now is like winning the lottery for local food culture. She has spent months refining her gluten-free dough and was generous enough to work with us to make it happen “DLM style.”

We think you will love having the gluten-free option so much that we are even going to sell the par-baked crusts for you to take home and make your own glorious gluten-free pizza at home. Thanks Liz!

Chef Carrie Walters
DLM Culinary Director