Nduja – The Ultimate Salty-Spicy Meat Snack


Nduja Photo

I want to pronounce it “nudg ya,” but it’s pronounced en-DOO-ya. Which makes sense because of familiarity with its French cousin, andouille. I like to think of it like spicy, spreadable salami. In redneck terms, it’s kind of like the inside of an incredibly high-quality Slim Jim.

Most simply, Nduja is delicious on top of a cracker, on warm toast, or eaten standing up with a spoon. It is also perfect to serve with a cheese course instead of sliced meats.

It is made by grinding up prosciutto and speck, and blending in red pepper paste resulting in a salty/spicy, umami-filled flavor bomb! Right now we carry the La Quercia Brand who makes artisan-cured meats out of Iowa.

The flavor possibilities in cooking, however, are almost endless. Last week at the DLM Culinary Center, we added a small, pea-sized amount to fill our arancini in our Sicilian class. Over the weekend, I scooped up my poached eggs and smeared some on our Farmhouse Bread. Its helps add depth to any bean dish, and adding a teaspoon or two while sautéing onions and garlic ramps up flavor and adds a hint of spice to any sauce. Be bold and add some to help add a salty, slightly spicy flavor to any dish (it is especially good on pizza)!

Stop by and pick some up — Nduja is available in our meat departments. You will be so glad you did!

Chef Carrie Walters
DLM Culinary Director