Morel Madness!

Crazy for morels? Now is your chance to grab them while you still can.

Although they tend to be a little expensive, they are so worth it if you are a mushroom fan. There are a couple of solid reasons why they are pricey. First off, they are really hard to cultivate or grow commercially. Foraging tends to be the best way to get them, which is done by hand, mushroom by mushroom. Another caveat is they tend to be highly perishable, which means find them or buy them and eat them!

You don’t eat morels raw, so a favorite way of cooking them is simply sautéing them in butter seasoned with a little sea salt and freshly ground pepper. I like to keep the smaller morels whole and cut the larger ones in half of quartered. They pair really well with such lovely things like butter, cream, and white wine. (No wonder so many people love them!) They are also excellent served with chicken, veal, or rabbit. I love them with spring vegetables like ramps, asparagus, or fresh peas.

Indulge in some of spring’s finest –now available for the next couple of weeks at your favorite DLM!