Molecular Gastronomy in your home Kitchen!


Cuisine R Photo

High end restaurants play around with food in the most creative ways. Foams, gels, smears, pearls, even “noodles” are things most of us see on Top Chef or the Food Network. Maybe you’ve been lucky to eat at some of the high end restaurants that continue to push the creative boundaries of unique food styling and plating techniques.

Now you can try it at home! Peggy and I found this new line of Molecular kits that makes playing with your food a fun (and affordable) reality for your home kitchen.

Cuisine R-Evolution came out with a “do it yourself” kit that includes all you need to experiment with the different techniques. The Molecular Gastronomy Kit comes with 5 pre-measured food additives, 5 specialized tools, as well as a 50 recipe DVD that makes it accessible to all foodies. We also carry individual kits that will get your started with learning 1 technique like pearls, foam or “noodles”.

Come into the Culinary Center and see for yourself all the cool stuff you can make by playing with your food!

Chef Carrie Walters
DLM Culinary Director