Get Busy with Grilled Cheese

Have you checked out our grilled cheese menu lately? We have five delicious sandwiches that you’ve got to try. What makes our sandwiches so darn good is the high quality of the ingredients we load between two slices of artisan breads toasted up with real butter and made to order!

The Kimchi has Cheddar and kimchi together for a flavor combination that might sound a little weird but is unbelievably delicious. I think it has to do with the balance of rich Cheddar cheese and the bite of pickled, spicy cabbage. You need to try this one! The Mac Daddy is the ultimate indulgence – Cheddar cheese, a slab of Encrusted Macaroni and Cheese from our Deli, and DLM Uncured Bacon all sandwiched together and toasted to perfection.

Back by popular demand is our classic Croque Monsieur, a French-style grilled cheese with Gruyère, béchamel, and French ham. Or, you might want to go with the BCT that has bacon, tomato, and Cheddar. There also is our best-selling Crazy Ludwig slathered with Jarlsberg Cheese Dip and Bavarian Ham.  Whatever you choose, we promise it will be cheesy, toasty, and delicious!