Feeling Wilted? Sip on This!


Big Easy

When the afternoon hits and I start to lose concentration, I feel like there are only two choices: take a nap or drink some caffeine. For me taking a nap is never really an option-especially at work! Instead, I head to the DLM Coffee Bar in search of the perfect pick-me-upper.

This summer my go-to drink is our version of Vietnamese iced coffee. We call it The Big Easy. The DLM Coffee Bar cold brews coffee and chicory root together which adds a distinctive floral/slightly winey flavor profile. Then it is  sweetened it up just like they do in Southeast Asia with a little bit of sweetened condensed milk, then it’s poured over ice. It’s cold, refreshing, and tropically sweet. So not only do you get a lift from the caffeine, but the sugar helps to shake off the afternoon haze so you can get back on track and focused.

This summer, there’s an added bonus: Half Price Frappé Hour at the Coffee Bars! Every day this summer, from 3 to 5 p.m., receive any cold or iced beverage for half off. So when the heat and the humidity starts to make you feel a little wilted, come by and try our Big Easy for half the price.