Feel Better with Chicken & Noodles

carrie-cooks-banner-672Chicken and Noodles

Almost everyone I know has either been sick or is just getting sick – Yikes!

A stuffy nose, chest congestion, and then throw in some fever symptoms, and you aren’t left with much of an appetite. As a mom, I can never remember if it’s feed a cold and starve a fever or the other way around. Regardless, a couple spoonfuls of our Chicken and Noodles makes me feel like we are all on the right track to feeling better.

Our Chicken and Noodles have been a hit ever since they débuted. Not so much a soup but more like a stew of chewy, local egg noodles steeped with our fresh chicken breast, rich chicken broth, and carrots & celery. Who doesn’t like that? It is mellow, comforting, and just makes you feel better whether you are sick or not.

Take care, eat well, and don’t forget to get plenty of sleep!

Chef Carrie Walters
DLM Culinary Director