Farmers’ Market Roll Call: The Farmers, Artisans, Producers

The abundance of top quality local fare from a myriad of local farmers, passionate producers, and skilled makers nestled nearby is one of our favorite things about being located in Ohio. In fact, linking arms with local vendors is something that’s always been innate in our culture, as founder Calvin Mayne grew up on a farm outside of Miamisburg, and he featured bounty from the area at the start of the DLM story. It’s a tradition we’ve been proud to continue, which makes our Love Local Farmers’ Markets so special. Many of the local farmers and producers whose bounty you enjoy in our stores will be at our Love Local Farmers’ Markets (see below for schedule).

The following local farmers and producers are just a few who we are proud to partner with and who you’ll see at our upcoming DLM Farmers’ Market series this month. We don’t just love local—we are local.

1. Hill Family Farm Chicken

Ed and Joyce Hill of Xenia, Ohio, raise free-roaming chickens fed a diet free of antibiotics and animal by-products. We’ve been proud to partner with Hill Family Farm chickens for more than 20 years! We’re also excited about heritage grain collaborations with Ed, which we’ll tell you more about soon.

2. Brentlinger’s Farm Market

Fresh, hand-picked sweet corn streams in from Ray Brentlinger and family all summer long. This summer staple is one of our most highly anticipated summer produce items. Look for it at the Love Local Farmers’ Market!

3. Branstrator Farm

Located in Clarksville, Ohio, Jon grows a variety of farm fresh produce for DLM that reflects the best local fare that each season has to offer. We look forward to his local asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, pumpkins, strawberries, squash and so much more!

4. That Guy’s Family Farm

Guy Ashmore brings us certified organic sweet potatoes, spring mix, and tomatoes from his beautiful farm in Clarksville, Ohio.

5. Eagle Ridge Apiaries

Al Tuttle of Eagle Ridge Apiaries is a Miami Valley beekeeper who produces our unprocessed and raw honey (look for this collaboration on the shelves, DLM 100% Pure Honey).

6. 80 Acres Farm

80 Acres Farms, an urban farming startup, has set roots in Cincinnati and is challenging how people typically view farming by utilizing hydroponic growing techniques, LED lighting, and controlled environments to create conditions for plants to grow indoors year-round. Samantha Bergman, a grower at 80 Acres Farms, calls this type of farming controlled environment agriculture.

7. ChickPea Chicks

Hamilton-based Chickpea Chicks originated from a dynamic duo producing unique flavors of artisan hummus in fresh, small batches. Kelly Armstrong is proud to introduce the DLM community to her fun and funky flavors that continue to intrigue and inspire everyone from professional chefs to perpetual snackers. All the blends are gluten free, vegan, and preservative free, which means it has a one week shelf life.

*The above reflect just a handful of the wonderful personalities who you’ll meet during our upcoming Love Local Farmers’ Market series.