Fantastic Feta



We have the most amazing Corsican Feta made from 100% sheep’s milk. It has a briny, slightly salty start, but finishes with a creamy, refreshing taste. To me it just screams summer dining!

Do what the Greeks have been doing for ages–cut a thick slab and douse it with a good olive oil like our Vera Jane’s Extra-Virgin Olive Oil. Simply add a small bowl of Greek Olive mix from our olive bar and a hunk of DLM’s Artisan Ciabatta Bread, and you’re ready to dine. Who needs to cook?

Or, try this feta in a traditional Greek salad. That means absolutely no lettuce of any kind, just thick chunks of ripe tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, and a little white onion. Then place that same slab-like piece of Corsican Feta right on top with the same olive oil and a fresh grind or two of black pepper and oregano. Or, be a little decadent and add some Kalamata olives and a smattering of capers. It is simply a perfect combination of flavors that folks have been enjoying for centuries!



Chef Carrie Walters, DLM Culinary Director