3 Ways to Eat Cherries: Inspiration from Spain

Getting back to reality is never easy when you’ve just been on a fabulous trip full of great food and wine (In case you missed it, I ate and drank my way through the Basque region of Spain last week). But it’s nice to know that here at DLM, I can relive those memories any day by bringing the cuisine to life with the food here. Right now we have plump, ripe ruby red cherries in our Produce department. Fresh with inspiration, here are 3 easy ways to eat cherries with a Spanish epicurean flair.

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In Spain, cherries were in season and we ate plenty of them. They were freshly picked and simply delicious. Some of the places we visited highlighted ripe cherries with just a couple of ingredients to make a memorable course worth tasting again. Here are a few favorites that are really easy to duplicate in your kitchen!

3 Ways to Eat Cherries Like They Do in Spain

  1. Pair fresh cherries with some good, salty sheep’s milk cheese (like P’tit Basque) and a smattering of Marcona almonds.
  2. Spread a generous amount of fresh ricotta over a slice of toasted DLM Ancient Grain Bread, pile on pitted cherries, and drizzle with some locally produced DLM 100% Pure Honey.
  3. For something sweet, smear a small dessert plate with thick greek yogurt and pile on the cherries. If you’re feeling crazy (and why not?), crumble a dark chocolate cookie on the top for a little crunch.