Fill Your Basket: 10 Easter Eats & Treats

Spring has sprung and we couldn’t be more excited about all of the Easter eats and treats filling our stores. As you make your way through Dorothy Lane Market this weekend, the displays will be brimming with all of the essentials you need to create a feast for your family, from our DLM Artisan Bread Baskets to our signature Heavenly Ham®. But let’s not forget all of the goodies to fill the basket for the foodies (of all ages) in your life. See below for several of our favorites, from artisan chocolates and our very own Pâtisserie made marshmallows to delectable foods to fill your table.

1. Ghyslain Easter Chocolates

Our dear friend and renowned chocolatier Ghyslain from Union City, Indiana, sends us some of his finest designs for each holiday, including his hand-painted collection of Easter chocolates. This will surely make somebunny very happy!

2. Asparagus & Brussels Sprouts

We love how these lovely greens brighten up the table, from towering asparagus stalks to plump Brussels sprouts. Our Produce departments will be brimming with all of the essentials to bring your feast to life. In the meantime, check out this recipe for a Spring Asparagus Sauté.

3. Cheese & Jam

Think outside the traditional candy and sweets when it comes to filling the basket for the foodie in your life. Tuck in a few specialty cheeses and toppers, like Sallie’s Greatest Jam. We love topping a blue cheese with Sallie’s Blueberry + Lavender jam. Or, spoon it over Saint Angel, a triple-cream cheese made from pasteurized cow’s milk collected in Massif du Pilat.

4. Fine Herb Mayo & DLM Champagne Mustard

Get creative with your condiments to accompany sandwiches that you may make from our signature Heavenly Ham®. We love serving it with Victoria Amory’s Fine Herb Mayonnaise, rich with fresh herbs like parsley, tarragon, and dill, as well as our DLM Champagne Mustard.

5. DLM Pâtisserie Marshmallow Bunnies

Hop to it with these adorable marshmallow bunnies, available in limited quantities. The DLM Pâtisserie’s marshmallows will forever change your mind of how a marshmallow should taste.

6. Laura’s Cookies

Although they may appear too good to eat, you won’t be able to resist after just one bite. These sugar cookies are hand-rolled and cut each morning by Laura and her staff. A sweet almond-flavored frosting coats the top of these super-moist cookies—available in a number of playful designs.

7. Love Cakes by DLM Easter Cakes

Our Love Cakes by DLM team is always filling the stores with creative holiday treats, like a variety of Easter cakes wearing beautiful designs and available in stores at DLM.

8. Hot Cross Buns

Once a year, we make these beauties. And boy do we look forward to that time, which is right now! The orange dough with golden raisins rises until it reaches the perfect golden color and is then slicked with a thin coat of glaze and then crossed with butter icing. The result? Well, you’ll have to taste it for yourself!

9. Le Village Sparkling Blood Orange

Le Village Sparkling Blood Orange Juice is festive, fresh, and fun. This non-alcoholic drink is a lovely family-friendly addition to your table.

10. Heavenly Ham Bean Soup Mix

Of course, you’ve already reserved your Heavenly Ham®, the hero of the dinner table (and if not, we’ve got your back). But do you have your Heavenly Ham® Bean Soup Mix, featuring eight beans, for the day after Easter? Hold on to that Heavenly Ham® bone and any remaining ham, as you can simmer it to create this delicious soup. Want to send everything pictured above to someone special? No problem. Check out our Warm Your Taste Buds Heavenly Ham® gift set at DLM Mail Order.