Cooking with All-Clad



In the Culinary Center Kitchen we use All-Clad pans every day for almost every dish.. Our staff and Chef instructors love them! They are simply the best pans for the way we cook.  We tend to be pretty hard on cookware and given the years of abuse our original set is still in great shape!

I got started with my personal collection of All-Clad with the Roasting Pan. It quickly made me a believer with the way it handles heat between my cook top and oven and vice versa. Making sauces out of the fond in the bottom of that large roaster made me a believer from the get go. Every so often when my husband is doing the dishes ( I cook after all J) he will shine them up with Bar Keepers Friend which helps to keeps them looking new even though we’ve been cooking with them for 15 years now.

Founded in 1971, All-Clad is the only cookware manufacturer who still produces a full line of finished cookware by American craftsmen made with American-made metals. Regarded as the gold standard among professional and home chefs alike, All-Clad’s cookware is made of superior-grade metals bonded together to produce the most durable, conductive cookware available anywhere. It is guaranteed for a lifetime of use- which is pretty incredible these days.

At DLM’s Culinary Center we sell a large variety of All-Clad including some of their specially priced pieces that you won’t find in large department stores or online. Come talk to us about cookware- we would love to share our experiences with you!