Citrus Celebration: Get Zesty with These 5 Picks

During these long winter months, you’ll find a healthy dose of sunshine beaming from our Produce department thanks to all of the citrus that makes its way to our stores this time of year. We love it so much that we’re calling it a Citrus Celebration! The health benefits of these juicy citrus are just the way to ring in 2018. Here are five ways to get zesty at DLM during this Citrus Celebration!

1. DLM Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

Now this is our main squeeze!  Did you know that our DLM Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice is squeezed daily In our produce departments? And guess what the main ingredient is? That’s right … oranges! No preservatives with this vitamin C source. It’s great for any occasion, including a nice Sunday morning mimosa.

2. The Pomelo

The Pomelo is a very large citrus that is similar to the grapefruit. It is a Vietnamese staple and used in many dishes. There are many health benefits to the pomelo including its high amounts of vitamin C. It can boost your immune system as well as improve digestion, lower blood pressure, and prevent cancer.

3. Sumo Citrus

The star of the attraction has to be the infamous Sumo citrus. They were developed in Japan and are now grown on family farms in California’s San Joquin Valley. The Sumo again is a great source of vitamin C, but where it really sets itself ahead of the pack in popularity is its easy peel and its low acid levels. Because it is low in acidity, it is a great option for those with a sensitive stomach.

4. Sweet Scarletts Red Grapefruits

The most colorful of all ruby grapefruits would have to be our Scarletts Red Grapefruits, beautiful in color and absolutely delicious in flavor. These luscious grapefruits are grown in Texas where the hot sunny days and cool nights help these Texas reds become as sweet as they can be.

5. Meyer Lemon
The ugly fruit is not so ugly as it seems and what a great source of vitamin C, vitamin A, and calcium. This fruit is a beautiful yellow on the inside and has a light citrus flavor with one of its parents being the tangerine. That’s why the Meyer Lemon is much sweeter than just a regular lemon.