Cheering on DLM’s Sarah Ochsenbein

This weekend, on Sunday, May 31, Dorothy Lane Market and Up and Running will team up for the sixth year to host the DLM Dash 5k, with funds benefiting local food banks. For many, this will be a fun way to spend the morning. For Sarah Ochsenbein, who has worked at DLM for 13 years running our DLM in a Dash program, this Sunday will represent a milestone in her weight-loss journey as she nears a net loss of 250 lbs.

Sarah’s story is not only impressive, but it’s inspiring. This time last year, co-workers urged her to run in the DLM Dash 5K as they had started to take note of her fitness journey. But she knew she wasn’t ready and wanted to lose more.

So she kept up the momentum, literally, as her weight loss plan is centered around clean eating, portion control, and exercise. And this Sunday, she’s ready complete her first race.

As Sarah puts it: “I’m not a different person. I just feel like a better version of myself.”

We couldn’t be more excited to watch her cross the finish line this Sunday at the DLM Dash 5K.